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Through dealing with clients past and present, my experience is wide ranging, and the contact base which I have accrued - in both the private and public sector - is impressive.​ I take great pride in the fact that most of the clients which I work with have commissioned my services through word of mouth recommendations, or after involvement with myself in some other business or community capacity. And it's always so lovely to get nice feedback!

"Alison is very skillful and organised. There doesn't appear to be anything that she cannot turn her hand to. She's a great asset within the community"

Director of organisation 

"Thank you for explaining some of the basics of using social media for my business to me - it all seems to make sense now!"


Small business owner

"Couldn't have done it without the help, encouragement and support from The Sorting Office"


Start-up business owner

"Alison really cares about those she's works for and her work reflects that"


Membership Organisation

"We think you will be an excellent fit for our needs and are delighted to have you on board!"

National Membership organisation

"I've been sorted by The Sorting Office. If you need sensible business advice .. it's the place to go!"


Community Organisation

Get in touch, and get sorted

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